Tag: Breaking News

  • Dominion Lawyers UP!

    Block Buster News BREAKING! PA News Conference about Dominion. This is huge news folks! Dominion has Lawyered up rather than meet with PA legal authorities to answer questions about the software that runs the voting machines in many PA counties across the state. The Dam has sprung a leak! The News Media Blackout on this…

  • Eric Cantor Defeated by Tea Party

    The headline is real and so is the news that in 2014 you can make a difference. Tea Party Backed Candidate, Breaking News.

  • Does Fox news distort the news?

    Is it fair to say that every news company has a slant to the news? We have to ask because it appears that fox news may not be doing you a favor at all, Here is a recent alleged, Breaking News, GM November Sales up 21 percent, but is that true? Would it not be…