What if Snowden were Black?

¬†Imagine for a moment if Snowden were a Black man? Would the media be as interested in this story? We would like to think so… But would we even be reading this news story right now? The idea that the media would not be as interested in this news story if the person were of […]

Whites putting Blacks to death?

Is this really about to happen? ¬† Are White people going to put a Black man to death? A lot of people are wondering just how in the world, that a White Governor and White people would even consider doing this thing because there are real credible doubts, and the man never confessed and has […]

Sheppard Smith Racist?

Is sheppard smith a racist? In an interview on national TV, sheppard smith allegedly was rude and insensative, to a black man, but why did he act the way that he did was there some reason behind that behavior?¬† The story was about how invasive the department of family and children services, can be when […]