Tag: Bias

  • CNN Censorship ???

    Remember back years ago when the idea of Censorship was a horrible thing? Censorship Amazing stuff here, Bias, Fake News. How is this possible? Why do viewers bother to watch the news when the news is no longer the news at all. Censorship is what this network apparently employs on a regular basis.  

  • Megyn Kelly Biased?

    You better believe that Megyn Kelly is biased. Just watch this because it is really serious Kelly is having a real problem with her Left Leaning Agenda. Bias You better believe that inflammatory Megyn Kelly Accuses Donald Trump of being a Sexual Predator? Is that Fox News? Tell me people since when do we call […]

  • Fox news loosing ratings?

    Is it possible that Fox News is loosing ratings and viewers over the obvious bias they seem to continue to try to perpetrate on the American people? The truth is easy to see and one thing you can easily see on Fox News these days is BIAS. Sure they claim to be fair and balanced […]

  • according to the media

    You hear the media using loaded words, you know like this example. “Considering the Challenges the Republicans face, is it wise to have so many candidates?” That is Bias, Its not reporting…

  • Bias in Media Undeniable

    What you are not seeing in the Media can hurt you. The truth about what the media are doing is not only tragic but it could be criminal. The honest truth is that the media are not reporting honestly about what is going to happen with regard to immigration that could derail and destroy the […]

  • zimmerman juror breaks rules?

    You might wonder about the Juror that came out and made statements about the Zimmerman case. On ABC yesterday there was an instance of “bobble head bias” They had an interview with the Juror, who apparently had second thoughts about her decision. The truth about this left leaning broadcast, was that there were several facts […]

  • Chris Wallance Biased comments…

    We know that many news outlets attempt to present a viable and reliable news presentation, Fox makes much about the fair and balanced approach, however is that really accurate? Today we watched Chris Wallace make a statement before introducing a video of the George Zimmerman reaction to the verdict. Bias can take many forms and […]

  • benghazi attack

    The media are intentionally not reporting on this very important news story Men Died and or were left to die, is this the American way, is being a coward more important than being an American? Perhaps the news companies like allegedly NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, and even Fox news are not covering this news […]

  • NBC Town hall She-bate

    The Town hall question and answer session, which was allegedly mishandled, in a number of ways, brings about a serious problem in the question of what a debate actually is and why do we have situations where moderators support one candidate over another. That is a serious problem of bias it is not a question […]

  • Americans say the only polls they care about start on Nov 6th

    There was a popular Polling company that ran a poll about what people think about polls, it was funny in a way because it confirmed what how most people feel about Polls, the thing about polls is that they are by nature subjective simply because the company running the poll are in a bad position […]