suspend elections?

In what could be the beginning of the end for the allegedly liberally embattled, Governor of North Carolina, a statement was made about What might be viewed by some at least as an alleged crime, or even perhaps treason?  Perhaps, depending on what the governor really meant because the constitution is the basis for our electoral process,  If the Governor is suggesting that we suspend the constitution because it is inconvenient then perhaps it is time that she resigned and allowed someone else to do her job because when people find that they can no longer do the job for which the people have elected them then it is time.

dictators of America?
dictators could one day try to do this in order to take over the Governemnt


This situation is what liberals might one day try to do should the agenda they have attempted to destroy the US with fails, they would just happily suspend elections, after all, if there are no more elections then liberals could just keep on destroying this nation until there is nothing left. My friends, this is what we have to face, liberals in government are allegedly traitors and they must be voted out of office, if they will not resign then they must be voted out, they do not care for the laws, they only want to take over and become fat on the backs of the poor, that is what these people are and that is what these people do. This coming election is the most important election
in this nations history.

Vote them out….

hope and change

Nation Guard in Wisconsin?

While most people think that the democrats will back off before someone gets hurt and they jeopardize the 2012 elections with all this punk garbage they are doing in Wisconsin, it does appear that the left has a firm hand in acting out in this madness that is continuing in Wisconsin.


Will the governor have to call on the National Guard to bring alleged union organized violence to an end?

With out of control citizens vandalizing and disrupting the lawfully elected government proceedings, is is time for the Governor to call on the national Guard to restore order and to arrest those individuals who are generating violence in the capitol.

When you look at this situation what you have here is a very small percentage of the population that are attempting to over throw the government of the state of Wisconsin, this is a valid threat to the liberty and sovereign states rights of the state of Wisconsin to conduct business on behalf of the people of the state of Wisconsin.

It is times like these where extraordinary measures may have to be taken to restore order.

Let the unions beware that it is time to back off before people get hurt.

Will the president step in and do his elected duty to uphold the constitution of the United States of America?

Disorder in Wisconsin, is this the beginning of the end for the USA.