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No Proof Required

Well here we are folks there is no proof required IF your the Media and you want to accuse someone of wrong doing.

You heard it here first…

The latest talking point making its way around the media is the false flag narrative that Proof has not been offered from Trump on accusation of wiretapping the campaign headquarters of Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential election.

Can you dig into that folks.

The Far Left weirdo Media require proof in order to believe Trump…

But then can accuse Trump for Six weeks with no proof at all and the American Public is supposed to believe that there is no bias?


Dave Brat

The media seem to be focusing on Eric Cantor, we know who he is, but who is Dave Brat and why is the media playing games with the American Public.

We look at the news coverage and it is filled with Cheap political rhetoric, but why that is the focus?

Meet the man that we need more of in the Congress.


Jay Carney dementia?

Well you might wonder about Jay when you see all the ways that he apparently cannot identify with the American Public.

Denying the truth and endorsing the lies. 

Want to see the truth.


Who cares what the media says…

You know there is one thing that the media has forgotten that will spell the eventual end of their power over humanity.

They think that people will care or even believe a word that comes out of the producers mouth.

Puppet heads that say one thing while knowing another.

Fools that pretend that they are telling the truth but secretly know differently.

The truth about the media is that the American Public no longer believe in the media.

The one thing that is even funnier than the self righteous media pretending they are relevant is the advertisers who spend millions every week advertising on these outdated modes of media.

Now that is really funny…

Think about those advertisers that pay all that money out and have little or even nothing to show for it, who is in charge of those products, because if I see someone wasting money Im thinking that the product is not that good.

Its simple logic, if a company is spending millions on worthless advertising, how good can their product actually be?


This is why most people do not really bother to think about what the media say because the media are no longer a part of the real world, they have created a place where they can hear their own voices and believe that they are making a difference, the truth is no one really cares anymore because the media have demonstrated that they cannot be trusted.

Just consider this every community has a person that tells so many lies that they are no longer trusted, if this person were to tell you something you would not even listen, if you did listen you would not believe what they were saying.

That is the truth and now what is happening to the media is that they have become the community liar.




Media Lies again…

AR 15 not used in navy yard shootings, the media have lied to the American people over and over again…

All with one agenda, to try to convince the American Public that no one should have guns but the media.

Why is that?



Are they really that stupid?

All the recent and horrific tragedies took place in gun free zones, the criminals and mentally ill people that did these horrible crimes knew it too.



Media Silent on Benghazi

Is there a media blackout in place that is censoring the news to shield the White house from Glenn Beck says that large media companies are not being honest with the American Public.


the chartering class?

So Chuckie how is that Pork working out for the Class, this is what is wrong With America.

A few months ago we had Chuck Schumer, talking about how the American people really dont care about pork…
Was this really true or was Chuck just being his usual sarcastic self, (allegedly)

So, what is the real truth, are the democrats really so dismissive of the American Public? Are the Democrats, really this mean?