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  • Freedom of the Press or Opression of Liars?

    ┬áThe Profound danger we face is not from our enemies without… The most serious problem we face in America today is not what you might think but what you would never think. We have a press that is no longer the real thing… We face a serious threat from liars in the media, Powerful State […]

  • Vote if you want to live in a Free America

    Today is the Day to vote, if you have been living like its 1999 and you eat steak every day, then vote the way you want to vote, but if your car needs tires, you wish you could afford to buy a new car, your cell phone is old and out dated and your wearing […]

  • Great movie to Watch

    Received in an Email Normally we’re not too focused on what movies are playing in local cinemas, but the release of Atlas Shrugged The Movie (based on Ayn Rand’s monumental book) has become a seminal event in the tea party movement. And we’ve got some good news to report to you on the success of […]