Bloomberg Angers 90 percent of Voters?

Allegedly Mayor and the most high deity, BloomBerg, just pissed upon, 90 percent of new york voters over the banning of clergy and by saying that there just was no room for the FDNY, and Emergency workers that risked their lives (many who have allegedly died due to exposure to cancer causing agents on 9/11/01)

So just who would be left politicians, because any celebrity would be a fool to attend an event where those that showed such bravery and courage would be denied a place.

What kind of sick man is this person? We know that he is a very wealthy man, one who likely has never had to go to a gas pump and fill up his own vehicle, we know that he likely has not prepared his own food for many years, or cleaned his own home.


We know that he allegedly bought the political office, allegedly. So, exactly what is keeping new yorkers from recalling this man who claims to be in office at the will of the people? Is it not time to begin to send a message that politicians that only represent 10 percent of the population instead of the 90 percent of the people that are the majority? Is it not time to begin to remove those politicians that refuse to do the right thing while being against the constitution, is it not time to vote them out of office? From the top on down the people will be heard, we the people will vote them out one by one where ever the voice of the poor are drowned out by the slogan of the rich, where ever we find fools that refuse to do the right thing, where ever we have ignorance in office we need to vote them out.

They do not represent America they represent their masters, socialists, the ultra rich that do not know what it is like to buy food, or to fill a gas tank, they do not belong in office because they are not capable to governing, what you see here is oppression pure and simple. Bloomberg is really making a mistake and it is time that the ACLU steps forward and does the right thing, defending the constitution as vigorously as they would defend any other aspect of the constitution when repression happens. If the ACLU will not do the right thing then it is time that others step forward and lead.

Perhaps someone should push for a financial audit of the Mayors finances, because it appears that allegedly there might be some large payments, in perhaps a family members name, (allegedly) or some other matters, concerning buildings, and construction, who knows, the pay for play game is likely and allegedly very much alive, did they not impeach and place blagojevitch in jail for the same things as these?

Seems like corruption knows no boundaries, allegedly.


ACLU Lawsuits?

So the ACLU can file a lawsuit on every hand, they can disrupt the lives of people and no one seems to mind or to even care, what would happen if the ACLU were to file a lawsuit against a man who was disabled and dying of a terminal illness, depriving him of his ability to receive medical treatment, would that be ok?

Sounds crazy right sure and it would be, but the thing here is this why is it so one sided, why is the ACLU the only one filing a lawsuit, some of these lawsuits that are filed are frivolous, (allegedly) tormenting schools that dare to try and pray, when the constitution guarantees that freedom of religion is a God given right. So, why do people allow the ACLU to get away with just suing and running at every hand once they have what they want?

Hopefully at some point someone would step up to the plate, and say you know what all your lawsuits aimed at the Christian faith is actually in Bad faith, and should not be allowed to continue.

Where is the ACLU in the Banning of Religion in the 911 Memorial, who ever heard of having a memorial without the clergy?

When is liberty no longer liberty, when the ACLU says it is?

This nation was founded upon the Freedom of Religion, yes, that means Christian, and Clergy and Catholic and Baptist, and Pentecostal, and other religions, it never applied the way those corrupt codgers and snakes said it did, you could say the sky is purple and polka dotted, if you wanted, but that would only be your opinion and probably not a popular one at that.


That would certainly make people think twice about all these lawsuits about religion which by the way is actually guaranteed long before any other thoughts on this issue, and of even more interest is the very real fact that what they say about the separation of Church and State was never meant to apply to prayer in the first place, what that was meant to do was to keep members of the Roman Catholic Church from holding both a high position in the Church and the Government, that was all it ever meant, and when men of high understanding apply logic to that interpretation then you must acknowledge that it is correct. Because never would have that been the case had it been worded that way the founding fathers made it clear, but somewhere in the past evil men twisted it into their own vile understanding.


But the common man understands the truth. The truth is that just because someone has an agenda against religion, does not mean that what they try to do is right, it only means that the people failed to stand up to the bullies of low rank. So the next time someone talks about supporting the ACLU consider what you are supporting, unless the ACLU begins to show that they are not biased in how they file their lawsuits, and that means supporting things for other than one side of the story or one side of the coin.


When they start doing that then they will receive much more support.

That is what they should be doing in stead of pursuing only one side against the other.

aclu Politics

Will the Black Community stand behind Juan Williams?

We have to say that if this were a white Tea party supporter, who fired Juan Williams, there were now be protests all over Atlanta Ga, and yes, it might even be more…

Where is the EEOC

Where is the NAACP

Why will they not stand up for Juan Williams?

Where is the ACLU?

But where is all the outrage, when a man who was the only Black Male personality on the air for NPR, and he was fired for no good reason, yet, they can call him names, and suggest that he is crazy.

If the shoe here were on the other foot, as the old saying goes, This White woman, who fired Juan Williams would be a Racist.

So, here is the big question, if this were done by someone that was in the tea party they would be a racist,

That is what they are saying, the NAACP, but it was not someone from the tea party, it was someone from their own ranks.

It was someone from the left, that said those hateful things about Juan.

I think that is evil NPR should not get one single dollar of additional tax money and they should have to repay all the money they took this year and last year. That would be millions and millions of dollars, that went where? What did that money go for?

Who did that money benefit? Democrats? We need to understand what is going on with this evil and it needs to be fixed, there can be no double standard, it is time to stand up and be counted, when the liars, lie, the truth will out, in the end the truth is what it is, say what you will but the truth can never lie.

But they wont, of course not, the thing here that is so disturbing, is that the left can play the race card when ever they want to, even when it is a lie, as in the case of the NAACP stating that the tea party is racist.

But you know what, it really looks like NPR is racist, now that is a story, and it is a real story, not made up by some marginal publishing house.

So here is the deal, when you cry wolf about racism, so many times, until the times when it really happens, a white woman has fired the only black employee, at a federal sponsored organization, so where is the race card?

Where is the racism charges, they can do it when there is no evidence, right, they can do it at the drop of a hat right?

So, what up?

You can do it when its a lie, but you cant do it when its true?

Does that mean that all liberals are liars, and that anything they say is backward of the actual truth?

Meaning that she is the one that needs mental help right, if thats it then I agree, she needs to go.

Fire this woman.


America will it stand?

There seems to be a fundamental problem in understanding recently with regard to some really serious problems which is being ignored by the Media including the Vaunted, “Fair and Balanced” Fox news.

It just seems to be such a strange world that we live in where there are almost no news sources that you can trust.

In a world where the President of the United States can make a special “appeal” for a small (less than 50 member) church in the State of Florida, Now this is something that really worries, many people because it sends a message that its ok for people to burn the flag and burn anything else they wish to burn.

But not in this case?

Burning any kind of book is really not a good thing, look at what the Nazis, did, it is a problem.

However, what really seems to be the issue here is the readiness of some to defend tolerance, yet deny Families of US soldiers, the peace and “Tolerance” of being able to lay their loved ones to rest in peace.

Enter the Pretend “Baptist” church, I say pretend because they do not represent the Baptist faith nor its organization in any way, yet the media proclaims them to be a “Baptist” church and has never bothered
to correct it.

We see this over and over again, last year in so many different stories.

  • Banned Christmas trees, (where is the Tolerance)
  • In public prayers, (where is the tolerance)
  • In letting our children learn about our religious history, (where is the tolerance)
  • In allowing alleged, Left representing organizations such as the ACLU to sue people into submission about
    praying at a school event. (where is the tolerance)
  • In praying at sports events, for the safety of our children, (where is the tolerance)
  • In the Ten commandments, being posted in a court room. (where is the tolerance)

It seems that tolerance is everywhere these days as long as it is concerning Muslim’s but not Christians.

(where is the tolerance)


Tea Party

It appears that the Tea party now has to also fight alleged bias at Fox news too, with words being used like “tea party activists” used in the fox and friends show, which allegedly may not be so friendly to the tea party, what is up with that, at least on one instance Gretchen used the word supporters, thanks Gretch, that is appreciated.

It just seems so odd to Americans that support this party, that the media is all allegedly against them.

The media hates the Tea Party?

So after weeks of Media Bias and all kinds of smear campaigns from the left, the Tea Party is doing better than ever, in fact with Sarah Palin endorsing more canidates that are genuine conservative in both thought and nature it seems the attempts of the left to hurt Palin will have failed.

So now it appears that the tea party is now the target of liberals, in fact it is rumored that liberals, are behind the latest binges of alleged attacks by the ACLU and other liberal organizations which apparently have become the alleged pawns of large cash rich liberal organizations.

This is a real problem because it appears to observers that people are getting used in particularly bad ways.

Why do people allow themselves to be used in this way?



Is the ACLU really all about preserving the American way or lack thereof?

The idea that they always act in the right way is debatable, in fact much of what they have done over the last few years is subject to much debate.

I used to think that the ACLU was a decent organization however over the last few years, not so much.

They used to try to provide a decent amount of legal services, but not allegedly what they are involved in is mostly related to Anti Christian activities, attempting to mount a legal challenge to what the constitution guarantees us we shall have.

It is a shame on them to allegedly pervert the constitution, but you know what, they cant stop the truth they can allegedly try but it will avail them nothing.

Allegedly it is becoming disturbing to witness the continual, trends toward anti religion, anti Military, anti, establishment, ok that last may be ok, but really anti American?

Allegedly if you look at what they are doing and not what they are saying you might start to loose sleep at night.


Obama administration scores a win

Well one thing for sure, when they do something right we want to report it, and they did by filing an appeal against a rather ignorant lawsuit allegedly brought by the ACLU, which was about enemy combatants having legal rights in other countries, ignorant for real, and the judge that ruled, for this action, should be removed for incompetence.

They should be fined for wasting the tax payers money.

WE wonder what the ACLU is really up to in these situations, are they really acting on your best interest.

So the Obama Administration wins one and it is a good thing…