Tag: Accusation

  • CNN Evil Cowards?

       Did CNN allow a know nothing coward to cast political aspersions with no evidence or even probable cause to believe what they were saying. What was the evidence they had, what was the experience factor of this man who made this accusation?  Why did CNN allow this to go out on the air at […]

  • NBC Town hall She-bate

    The Town hall question and answer session, which was allegedly mishandled, in a number of ways, brings about a serious problem in the question of what a debate actually is and why do we have situations where moderators support one candidate over another. That is a serious problem of bias it is not a question […]

  • The court of public opinion

    First there was the Duke Case, then several other cases where charges were filed that should not have been filed. So what is up with this nonsense. Are we watching the end of the legal system in America, some say that eventually we might see all cases tried in the media, apparently with this casey […]