Tag: 2020 election

  • Hitchcock

    This is terrifying situation but it is something that happens every time you turn on your TV. From the Master of fear … Who Knew what terrifying revelations would be uncovered so many years later.

  • Bloomburg exits

    Stage left? A lot of people did not really identify with the billionaire but you have to give him credit for knowing when to fold em. Michael Bloomberg Quits Democratic Race, Ending a Brief and Costly Bid He endorsed Joseph R. Biden Jr. and said that he planned to remain involved in the 2020 presidential […]

  • democrats voting red

    Get ready for some real news. Democrats are crossing lines because they want to vote for Trump… Imagine what would happen if the news reported the truth about this election? That would be something… In fact in one report at a polling place a voter was asked what are you doing voting republican? The Answer […]

  • impeachment dog & Pony Show!

    Well here we are yet again and this time we have a tabloid style arrangement that will sure to bring tears to your eyes. Well perhaps tears of laughter. How democrats manage to display a straight continence is beyond imagining but one thing is clear the 2020 election will bring millions more voters than we […]

  • Impeaching America…

    Democrats have been trying to impeach the duly elected president of the united states of america since the 2016 election. How is it possible that the media continue to distort the truth about what the democrats are doing. In many ways we have seen a lot of things go wrong about how the democrats have […]