supreme court upholds

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There is a thing here that few people realize and it is not as good as you might think, we know that just about everything that they do in regards to trying to make something work fails.

Right now I have a friend, that has a broken leg, he is a Veteran he came back from fighting in Bosnia and other places, the things he saw broke him, but he is trying to get back on his feet, but right now he cannot even get medical care.

Can you imagine what will happen now, this law has been in effect for two years and my friend who lost his job when he broke his leg in an accident not at work, has no health care, has no way to pay his bills, has no way to even get food on the table, I help him all I can, but what does this say about what we know is a flawed healthcare plan.

Knowing the truth does not set you free from ignorance.