Stimulus Blues?

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Today congress, (the house anyway) are expected to vote on the 1.9 Trillion D0llar package that includes so many different things that no one really knows what is in the package.

(Not even whomever wrote it)

It is mostly a bad deal for America and Americans.

Lots of reasons why tend to point to money going out of the country to the most ridiculous “Twilight Zone” moments that defies the imagination.

Some good things are in there …

So while you might see some headlines about a vote coming up it would not be wise to think that you will be getting a payment anytime soon.

Rural America needs Broadband, which never seems to actually get to Rural America, no matter how many millions companies receive. Many companies have accepted millions of dollars to deliver 10/3 minimum internet but have failed to deliver on the promise to do so.

Case in point a rural service area at the base of the Appalachians accepted 83 million dollars to provide broadband, defined as 10 MB down minimum, 3MB up but they did not complete the project.

This continues to happen consistently in many states, this despite fiber optic lines running less than one mile away from populations served by Two State Highways and numerous county roads.

This company should have upgraded their facilities but they did not do this mostly because the equipment they have was used to begin with and was made in 1999.

This is decades old technology that fails to provide even a semblance of what many people in the world already enjoy.

Additionally, this state also sponsored a broadband initiative designed to provide last mile broadband services to rural areas that were underserviced.

The state also failed to actually provide those services.

So, yet again more money is being designated for rural broadband but little hope exists for many Rural areas due to anti competitive Telco rules that were put in place decades ago when almost no phone service was available. (What this does is to prevent any company from coming into these rural areas) So, until the lawmakers “Ever” figure out that no matter how much money they throw at “Rural Broadband” Nothing will change until they address the 800 pound Gorilla in the room. Sometimes you have to actually change bad laws that have been on the books for 90 years in order to really succeed when you start spending money.

What is even more interesting here is that it is not entirely clear that the State even realize that these laws are blocking the deployment of Rural Broadband…

So they sign a bill but they do not follow up or follow through to make sure that the money goes where it needs to go…

That is waste!

Now the biggest reason why you and millions of other Americans will not be getting a check anytime soon…

Minimum Wage!


Ok, sure in a perfect fairy tale world people should be getting paid more.

Everyone agrees with that idea.

The problem is that mandating a minimum wage of $15.00 where a man digging a ditch gets paid the same thing as a cashier at the local retail store, like dollar general or walmart ect.

The problem is that in some jobs skill or strength or both are essential and attempting to put every person in the same box is not going to work out.

Hundreds of thousands of businesses would just close down.

Most of the Mom and Pop stores would be forced to close.

The small restaurants would have no choice but to close.

This will put more than 25 million Americans out of a job.

But the Democrats are going to leave this in the bill even though they know that the Senate will not approve $15.00 per hour in one bill.

They know it but they still left it in the bill.

Meaning that you are not going to get your $1400 check any time soon.

The Senate is not going to approve this period.

The reason why is that it is a bad idea and it will hurt more people than it helps.

So, if the democrats really wanted you to get your stimulus payment they would have tabled this measure and waited for the next bill.

It should be clear that they do not want you to get a check even though they say they do.

To be fair, the republicans do not want this either.

So once again regardless of what the democrats say they are going to fail you and then blame it on the republicans.

What good will that do exactly?

There are many people that need this and yes it’s not a lot of money but it will help.

So the next time you are sitting around wondering why everything is all messed up…

You know who and you know what the problem is.

This does not even begin to cover all of the wasteful spending that is in this bill at a time when America is in more debt than at any other time in its history.

So, ask yourself, Why?

Simple they do not want to send you a check so they make up a bill they know will never pass and they they blame it on the other side.

They know it will not pass.

This is just a huge waste of time and money all because these people are playing school house games designed to fool people who want to believe all of their lies.


Just So SAD!