Spending budget nightmare

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What has happened in Washington this week is insanity…

Seriously those people in Washington are broken human beings that have put the interests of political expectancy over the will of the people.

Mitch McConnell,  Paul Ryan and Democrats have joined together to create an obscene travesty of nonsense.

What has happened here is that congress have betrayed the President and the American People.


That is what happened…

If we ever want the freedom to be America again we are going to have to vote in this 2018 election and that means sacrificing our time to actually vote.

The truth about what has happened here is the most vile sort of villianary.



This latest massive omnibus spending bill represents everything that is wrong with Washington. Any semblance of the regular order budget process has been ignored in favor of funding by crisis, as Congress has again failed to perform one of its most important functions: oversight. Rather than being cut, reformed, or eliminated, programs that are wasteful, inefficient, or inappropriate will receive tens of billions of dollars in additional funding. Congress should reject this bill and start over with the goal of achieving meaningful reforms through an open, transparent, and accountable budget process. America’s taxpayers deserve better than another bloated spending bill that pushes much-needed reforms further down the road.
 If you believe that this is going to work out well for the American People then you are sadly mistaken.
This represents a bilking of the voting public basically a raping of the people.
This was done by Mitch Mcconnell, (allegedly) in conjunction with the democrats to give the democrats almost everything on their wish list of evil.
But who cares right…
Well that will be determined in the near future in the 2018 election cycle.
What will happen?
Will anything change?
Are we really sitting here contemplating Mr. Smith Goes to Washington in 2018…