Spending Bill Betrayal

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The GOP have betrayed the American People.

In fact what has happened in the 1.3 Trillion dollar spending bill amounts to a complete and total disregard for everything America used to stand for in the past.

There are 10 Glaring issues in this so called spending bill.

here are the two most difficult to understand situations. . .

7) Gun control without due process: Some of you might think I’m being greedy, demanding that “extraneous policies” be placed in a strict appropriations bill. Well, gun control made its way in. They slipped in the “Fix NICS” bill, which pressures and incentivizes state and federal agencies to add more people to the system even though there is already bipartisan recognition that agencies are adding people who should not be on the list, including veterans, without any due process in a court of law. They are passing this bill without the House version of the due process protections and without the promised concealed carry reciprocity legislation. Republicans were too cowardly to have an open debate on such an important issue, so they opted to tack it onto a budget bill, which is simply unprecedented. The bill also throws more funding at “school violence” programs when they refuse to repeal the gun-free zone laws that lie at the root of the problem.

8) More “opioid crisis funding” without addressing the problem: The bill increases funding for “opioid addiction prevention and treatment” by $2.8 billion relative to last year, on top of the $7 billion they already spent in February. This is the ultimate joke of the arsonist pretending to act as the firefighter, because as we’ve chronicled in detail, these funds are being used to clamp down on legitimate prescription painkillers and create a de facto national prescription registry so that government can violate privacy and practice medicine. Meanwhile, the true culprits are illicit drugs and Medicaid expansion, exacerbated by sanctuary cities, as the president observed himself. Yet those priorities are jettisoned from the bill.

This one is scary crazy…

What is happening here is that the CDC has become a political weapon used to fabricate reports that fail to accurately compile scientific information instead “Lumping” all statistics together as if they are the same.

So now were going to spend Billions of dollars fighting doctors, patients, old people, sick and dying people…

Does that sound like the kind of thing that you voted Donald Trump as president to preside over?