Sore Looser Media

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The media lost the election…

Now you might wonder at that kind of a topic because just a few years ago the Media used to be respected, they used to have a purpose.

That has changed they are not corrupted to the point that they are no longer to be trusted.

You can’t trust the media to tell the truth.

They have been exposed as what they really are and they are not journalists.

They are not reporters.

They are not writers.

They are Interfering with the American Election System.

Yes, they are the ones that are interfering not hackers not Russians, not Russian Hackers, the only parties that are really committing treason in this nation is the Media.

They are the ones that are worse than the hackers.

So, they can say that Look out the Russians are coming…

They can say that the Russians are to blame.

They can blame everyone for everything but in the end, it is their own fault because they are no longer representing the real America and that is why people did not vote for democrats this election.

They did not vote for democrats because the democrats no longer support the people.

They can say that its the Russians, but its not its the media.

It is these biased bobble heads that pretend to be reporting the news but in reality they are nothing more than agents of propaganda.

They are liars that spend all their time trying to convince you that the sky is falling and that they are the only ones that can help you figure out what is going on because they believe that you are too stupid to know what is good for you.

They are the ones that are ignorant.

They do not even realize that they lost and that elections have consequences.

They want to over turn the will of the American People.

They want to try to say that because there were more voters in California for Hillary than for Trump, that the election result should be changed just because there are more people living in one state than any of the other states.

They want to believe that one state should rule them all?

The thing here is this, we are not in a movie, were not in Middle Earth, there is no One Ring to Rule them and in the darkness Bind them, such as with the Hobbit and the Lord of the rings, (if you reading this and you have never heard of JRR Tolkien, ) then google it…

The thought behind the reference here is a simple one, the Media, the Democrats, (not all are bad) but they have allowed a few to try to overturn the will of the entire body of voters in America, not just in one state, but the will of all the people of all the states.

Now they want to convince the electors to commit Treason.

Treason that is what they are willing to do to try to take power from the people.

For many years the Democrats have said that they are for the people.

Tell me do they look like they are really for the people?

This year Social Security COLA was even because they claim there is no inflation.

So, our old folks, that are barely getting by are once again left behind.

This was done by Democrats.

Insurance costs for Medicare went up…

Costing our retired and elderly and disabled even more money which means they will have less money to buy food.

During the last 8 years our old citizens, our disabled citizens, our sick and terminally ill patients, were cast out.

They were thrown under the Bus.

The Media come out and say that its Entitlements, making everyone think that its about people that never paid into social security, but that is not the truth.

If the Democrats were really all about the people, the party of the people, they would certainly not be doing the things they have done to our elderly.

These Democrats are liars, they are not for the elderly they are not for the people.

You can see who and what they are by what they do.

The Media and the Democrats are liars, it is time that the people stand up and demand that congress take steps to insure that the media stops trying to interfere with the election process by lying to the people.

It is time that the media start to do their jobs and start to report the news instead of obscuring the news.