snow job?

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For many the idea that RINO Republicans in name only, still pretend to be for the conservative cause, is just an insult, considering the information we have about these RINOs, is it not time that they call them selves what they truly are?

Senator Olympia Snowe is popular among her Democrat friends in the U.S. Senate, and gets along great with other big-government liberals. When Harry Reid need help getting ObamaCare passed, she came to his aid. She supported and voted for liberal Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagen and Sonia Sotomayor. President Obama has praised her, and the far left group Americans United for Change ran a TV ad thanking her for helping pass Obama’s $800 billion bailout. There’s just one problem. Olympia Snowe is not a Democrat. That’s right, Snowe has made a career out of trampling all over conservatives while calling herself a Republican.