Should you care?

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It could be said that people often try to create change by telling a story this is the basis for the folk songs of the late 60s and 70s they often had a serious story to tell about corruption. Sadly that ended on August 4th when Joan Baez posted a song on youtube that is just a bunch of lies.

So sad really that someone that was once considered a talented singer has now stooped to a new low that even a snakes belly cannot really understand the depths of a compassionless soul.

Songs at one time were a way of addressing the truth by way of song when doing so in reality might be dangerous. We had great song writers that created great songs that become classics. (Perhaps we did not all agree about the content of those songs but most of the time that content was mostly accurate) Not so now.

Now we have a woman who is attempting to lie to people by singing about it.

Singing lies as if they were the truth now that is such a disservice to the truth.

Nasty Man by Joan baez I recommend disliking this song on youtube it is time to begin to tell the world that behaving this way is not acceptable.

What a shame when all you have left to sing about is hate.

the lies of a generation going up in flames.