Senate causes Stockmarket crisis?

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When good men do Evil, sometimes they think it is because they did what they thought was the right thing to do, but when you have three years of economic data to show how wrong they are, how can a body of “Smart” men stand in the way of what should be done to help the American people.

Democrats are standing in the way of progress.

The Senate is trying to do the Unthinkable, they have done what they have accused the house of doing, the wrong thing for the American people.  It is hard to imagine that the Senate twice now has done the wrong thing, they have refused to act when they said that we were in a crisis, they said that they needed to have some kind of bill, yet they did not do the right thing they did nothing.

So what now? 

The House is where spending starts, it is sent then to the senate.

The Senate does not make spending bills for the house to approve, that is not the way it works so my friends if the worst thing happens then the democrats are to blame and the white-house.

Is Harry Reid Lying to the American people?

Because they said time was running out, yet they have done nothing at all to stop the crisis so what are we to think is there really a crisis or are the democrats lying to the American people?

The Democrats’ Big Tax Lie

Are we being lied to by the media and the politicians, which is it are we in a crisis or are we being lied to?