Schumer Shutdown

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This is at the feet of the Democrats.

This is Chuckie Boy Chuck Schumer…

Are you wondering what will happen?
Are you concerned about all the media hype.

This is not the first time that there has been a Gov

Shut down and believe it or not this time it is the
Democrats and the Democrats alone that are
the ones that are responsible for this situation.

All it takes for things to go wrong is great men to say nothing when they see something bad happening.

We see this and remember it in November when you vote because this is what you will be voting for.

Vote for Republicans or vote for nothing. 

We simply must send a message to washington that we will not tolerate a political party that would at the expense of legal citizens shut down the government over criminals who are in this nation illegally.


This is what you get when you vote for people who have no spine.