Say good bye to the internet?

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Are we all so disconnected from reality that were about to sit around and do nothing while Washington Hands over the keys to the internet?

This is something that everyone should be able to quickly understand why it is against the interest of all Americans to give away oversight control over the internet.

Yet, here we are once again in a place where by signing a piece of paper America may end up with almost no say in how the internet is managed in the near future.

Giving it all away…

Help us Stop this insanity. 


The Obama administration plans to surrender U.S. oversight of the Internet on October 1st to undesignated and potentially rogue members of the international community.

This new “control group” may be comprised of enemies of our nation, enemies of liberty, authoritarian regimes, and/or radicals who would censor or shut down Internet communications at their whim.This is a monumental mistake that endangers our national security and individual rights. Congress must take action to stop this unconstitutional transfer of U.S. property.

You might think that this is just common sense right?

Well apparently once again Washington is taking steps to do something that no one wants…

What is even more concerning is that looking at what “Might” happen here we have so few that are concerned enough to say something…

If you want to let your voice be heard before it is too late then now is the time to do that otherwise you may not have another chance.

Help us Stop this insanity.