Sarah Palin Endorses O’Donell

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Why is Fox news not reporting correctly in a recent story this morning, one of the talking heads assisted in allegedly smearing the republician canidate, reporting things like personal credit history, now what about fair and balanced, where is the personal fact segment on the democrat side of the fair and ballanced, smear campaign or is it just the Tea party supporter side that gets smeared at fox news.

Here it is folks, what the main stream, Lame Stream, Fair and Balanced media, will not tell you this week.

In a Very Tight race for what used to be a seat once held by Joe, and we dont mean Joe the plummer.

Yep that is correct the Senate seat once held by Joe Biden, (who might actually wish he still had that job)

The republican, GOP, lap dogs, wanted to keep a man who voted with liberals most of the time, why is that?

Now every thing has changed.
The liberals have been trying to fund their candidate, who is a republican, but really he is nothing but a democrat in disguise.

Call him a liberalacrat, because he is not really a republican.