same day Dems Voter Registration gone insane

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You might think the above title is something out of a comedy but you would be wrong.

Some of us may wonder why other parts of the world mock our election system and say that it is corrupt but this is perhaps one of the most significant reasons why that may actually be accurate.

In one or perhaps even more places they actually learned how its done, (probably from a pro) and they now can influence elections as easily as saying three words while clicking your heals together.
“I can cheat, I can cheat, I can cheat,”

It is not right it is not fair it is not even legal but it happens and no one does much if anything about it at all.

   This creates a problem not because its wrong but because it leaves the entire process in the hands of one person the poll worker.

So in reality the problem here is not that someone may be able to vote that should not be voting but that someone c0uld assist many such voters in an effort to influence voters, this has happened we have seen it happen it will likely continue to happen until we fix the problem.