Rick Perry Vs Driving While Intoxicated

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So, if you have not heard the latest gossip, a small travis county grand jury, has allegedly indicted Rick Perry the Governor of the state of Texas because of some political antics that an office has been engaged in for years, (allegedly)

This is a serious problem mostly because it could lead to much the same indiscretions that have been a black stain on the democratic process for decades.

Democrats could face serious blowback because of this and those involved should be charged with breaking the law and thrown in jail.

The truth here is clear The Governor of the State of Texas has the authority to take the actions he took, its a constitutionally sound argument.

Yet, somehow a special prosecutor, who may have ties to the democratic national Party, (allegedly) should be in jail as this news story unfolds.

Just imagine how bad things could be when you hear people talk about how you could indict a ham sandwich.