Reporting Bias?

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Is Fox News fair?

Fair and Balanced or just allegedly Biased, is fox news really as fair as they say they are?

Just what is reporting bias?

Is it not reporting the full facts, or what some might call lies of omission, an example would be the following you buy a used car at the used car dealer, and you drive it one block where the engine blows up, you go back to the car dealer and they say sorry its your car you failed to ask the right questions and so we did not tell you the car had a faulty engine.

Is that not reporting the facts as you know them to be?

Perhaps it is, who knows for sure, except that in this recent headline by Fox news.

The Labor Department reports initial jobless claims fell by 34,000 to 388,000 last week, the lowest level in nearly two and a half years.

But is this an accurate news story? Because when you put this story up against the facts then the story just does not hold water.

In fact allegedly you could even say that it was dishonest and that not only should someone be fired but that perhaps they should be fined, as well right, why not revoke their charter? If they cannot report the real news then perhaps the liberals are right and fox news is not really a new company but really they are a tabloid like entertainment company.

Harsh right? Perhaps, it is, but the above headline, fails to state that seasonal employment numbers are always distorted this time of year, so the actual numbers here are not accurate, so what they have reported may not be accurate at all in fact when you factor into the equation the number of jobs that are seasonal then the story becomes very different.

The idea that we have news companies that are deliberately distorting the news based on personal opinions and not fact is disturbing.

I want to know is it incompetence?
Is it stupidity?
Is it arrogance?

Or like all the other networks do they just think we are a bunch of sheeple.

You know like a heard of animals to be herded around because we don’t know enough to figure out that we are being lied to by the media or perhaps by some one that should be fired from the position of producer of fox news.

Any one with a brain, knows that this time of year, employment statistics mean nothing, simply because there are too many seasonal variations in the equation to have any meaningful data.

So sorry Fox news you missed the story here again, perhaps better luck next time, but you know people are no where near as stupid as your producers think we are, you should consider that when doing these news stories.