Remove Nancy!

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We have to ask the question, Is it time to remove

Are the members of the House who are democrats willing to do the right thing for the American People?

That is the real question here!

Right now there are millions of voters that are wondering about why Nancy Pelosi is blocking a bill that would provide $1200.00 to people that really need it and just in time for Christmas?

But that is not what Nancy is doing!

Here is what Nancy is doing…

Remove Nancy from the Speaker of the House!

This is so wrong!

This Woman is not Fit for the office of Speaker of the House!

Support the Removal of Nancy Pelosi from Office!

When you hear what is Happening with this woman and how she is so far left that she refuses to do anything for the American People!

CNN has not had this many views on a youtube video in years…

Is it really just about Nancy P !

What we have here is one Woman who does not want to see a Check going out to the American People with Donald Trump’s Name on it!

You see what is happening!

Nancy Pelosi is not performing her duties as Speaker of the House!

That is evident because she is not just Speaker of the people who Vote for her!

She is Speaker of all the American People but in reality she is just blocking a Merry Christmas for Millions of Voters who may just decide that Nancy and the Party of the Far Left are not really interested in the People at all!

Vote in 2020 because Nancy must not remain as Speaker of the House!

It is Time!