Regional Bank Failure

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yet another bank has been seized…

This is a huge story and it is really interesting that Fox Business has failed to report this story on air.

US regulators seize troubled lender Republic First, sell it to Fulton Bank

Source Reuters. 

Republic Bank had about $6 billion in total assets and $4 billion in total deposits, as of Jan. 31, 2024. The FDIC estimated the cost of the failure to its fund will be $667 million.

News began to filter in on social media and today on some websites of larger media outlets.   This happened late last week but the news is typically not reported when they allegedly might fear a panic or a bank run. 

Currently Fox Business has not mentioned this news on air but on their website. 

When you consider this there is really only one reason why Fox Business is not reporting this big news story.

They do not want to report on it?

They do not want to see the stock market go down?

They have been prevented from reporting on this story?

Whatever the reason the public depends on news sources to report the news.

When the news fails to report the news this becomes a huge issue.

Philly lender Republic First Bancorp seized by feds in latest regional bank collapse

source NewYork Post.

When you see a blackout of valid and real news that the media refuse to cover or they only do it on the rolling text banner then you have to wonder what is really going on.