Rand Paul Stomp Video

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Well apparently the Liberals are at it again, once again attempting to distort the facts.

with what must be considered a little over the top, or is it?

But hey they don’t claim to be fair or balanced, do they?

They have a video headline, that goes like this

Rand Paul Supporter Stomps On MoveOn Member’s Head (VIDEO) (UPDATED)

Is this true?

But is this accurate?

Is it true at all?   or is it just another report that has been exaggerated.

While we do have to condemn the actions of the man in question, we also have to state that the headline is in fact not accurate.

So, why not say what really happened, yes, it was bad, and no one accepts that she deserved it, but you could say that any reasonable person who did this kind of thing, might expect anything to happen.