propaganda history

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Imagine what it would be like if textbooks were filled with unproven allegations about people based on opinion and political rhetoric instead of the facts.

Just imagine what it would be like if for example you saw the following text in your child’s history books.

Republicans accused Hillary Clinton of many things that they never were able to prove which shows just how bad republicans have acted in the past.

What if all the lies that the media tells became real to the children that you trust the government to teach and to prepare your kids for living in the real world?

Hillary Clinton may have authorized her electronic devices to be wiped clean of all evidence of any wrongdoing allegedly that is.

When questioned about this by reporters she replied did the reporter mean with a cloth?

Developed in part and reported in part by abc news, source.

Of course the above text is fictional but what if it were real only not as a joke or presented as something that was funny?

What if history became lies that were designed to indoctrinate children paid for by tax dollars of the parents. What if children were being “programmed” to hate their own parents. To report on them to school teachers?

When you begin to look at this situation you simply have to say



But what if we just sit at home and do not vote in 2020 because we think that there is no way that these far left ideologies will become black and white text in our children’s textbooks?

What if we fail to vote in 2020 would you even be aware of this news story?

Would Facebook wipe it out so that you could never see it at all?

Can you say Deplorables? Well that is what this sounds like! White poor and working class voters you know the people who make this nation great! The people who are the backbone of this nation and without which freedom ends!

Read more about the lies contained in your children’s history books!

What is true and what is false? source.

The truth is we are facing an event where the end of America is coming faster than anyone ever thought it might!

We are so involved and so busy in our own little worlds that most of the time people are not even aware that things like this are happening.

This is why it was possible for the lunatics in the democrat party to be able to take over the party and move toward a failed “Fairy Tale” Socialist type of government! All because Americans did not vote!

Will you stand up for the truth?

Will you stand up and vote in 2020?

No matter if you have to take the day off of work to do so?

No matter if you have to stand in line!

Wind, Rain, Sleet, Snow!

We have to vote in this 2020 election or we are going to be erased by lies and by people who hate everything America Stands for.

Please Vote in 2020!