Preppers Right Left Center…

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So perhaps you have seen these shows on TV about Prepping, (the practice of preparing for a disaster)

Even FEMA, advocates for this yet most of society takes no action on this situation at all.

We have seen it happen over and over again, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Extreme Weather.

Yet most people are not prepared with even the most basic preparation, like fresh water, Food, flashlights and the list goes on and on. 

 The truth is that the contradictions in having so many rules and regulations is that it effects real people who have real needs.

For example, FEMA recommends that patients that need medications that are difficult to obtain in a natural disaster have a supply on hand.

Yet, you cannot even renew a prescription even a few days early.

You have one arm and hand doing one thing and yet another doing something totally different all based on political hash.

Perhaps prepping can help in a lot of different ways and sure you can take anything too far but it sure seems like most people out there would rather watch TV than keep a few gallons of water in the basement.