Power turned off in California

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Potentially up to 600 thousand california residents could be without power soon.

need power?

You may have seen on the news the stories about the power company PG&E turning off power in the event that wind might topple a power line and accidently cause a fire.

Yes, in the event that wind creates a condition that might accidently swirl around a trampoline in someone’s backyard pick that trampoline up and then hurl it toward a power line which has somehow managed to become so frail that it might cause the trampoline to catch fire then slowly return to the earth where it might accidentally cause a dog house to catch fire…

Ok, well that is just one scenario where wind might cause some unrelated third party to create conditions where something might happen.

I know what you might be thinking here, don’t insurance companies have a thing where all they have to do to get out of paying for a claim is to say it was an act of God.

Well yes they do and I might add they are masters at doing this…

But in california well things are different.

Want to know why the power company is shutting off power?

This is why…

PG&E reaches $11 billion settlement with California wildfire insurers

You read that correctly and that is why people are without electricity because of lawsuits and believe it or not these lawsuits are popping up all over the USA.

Pacific Gas & Electric has reached an $11 billion settlement with a group of insurers that will cover most of the claims from wildfires in California in 2017 and 2018.

The utility said in a statement the tentative agreement covers 85% of the insurance claims from fires that included the Camp Fire, which decimated the town of Paradise and killed 86 people.

A group of insurers said in a separate statement the settlement is well below the $20 billion the insurance companies had sought in bankruptcy court.

So you think that all of these lawsuits have no consequences?

Someone always pays the bill and in many cases it is not the state or the insurance companies it is almost always the people who end up paying the piper.

So to all those unfortunate people in california who continue to elect democrats who end up creating an environment where foolish lawsuits can be levied on utility companies (when clearly it was an act of God) (being facetious here) yes that is a word, look it up…

Next up … States that sue to get money from companies that had nothing to do with the problems they are being sued over…

What happens to all that money?