Politically correct pat downs? or just stupidity?

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So anyone see grandma, or grandpa, out rioting because of something they thought was not fair?

So what is up at the airports, with all this fondling, people, you know that if someone was trying to do something bad that they would choose a different way to do it, so what up with all dis stuff.

I want to know, how many disasters have been prevented by this measure?

How many people have been stopped?

How has this made you safer?

How does yelling and screaming in an airport, “opt out” screaming “opt out” screaming “opt out”

What good does that do?

Simple it is designed to intimidate, you, to make you afraid to opt out because you will have been embarrassed by all the yelling and screaming, standard Nazi practice back in the day.

So, thanks for all that hope and change how is that working out for you by the way?

How hard is it to be this stupid?

Question, how many terrorist attacks have the TSA stopped?

Zero None, Nada, Nothing.

You know what, None, not one single time have they done anything that has kept the public safe.

Some people are asking should the

TSA be in charge of this issue?

Perhaps they are not the best choice since it appears that they are not correctly trained for this type of security detail.

This brings up a really disturbing question, if they are not trained correctly, (allegedly) then how much safer are we?

Warning this story is sick, if you are offended by Cancer patients being humiliated by the hope and change you voted for, do not read this story because it will make you sick.

In the following story, you might wonder what is happening to Americans, and why the TSA is helping to destroy America.

There are more and more stories of people that are being humiliated, by these alleged untrained and absent of common sense, TSA workers.

The man, who was flying to Orlando from Detroit, said he has a medical condition, and was left covered in his own urine after agents searched him.

The 61-year-old passenger said he has bladder cancer, and must wear a urostomy bag under his clothes to collect his urine.

The man said he warned TSA officials the seal of the bag can easily break, but they ignored him, and even rolled their eyes at one point.

Sure enough, the bag’s seal broke, and urine started dribbling down the man’s leg and into his pants.

This is not just stupid it is careless and it is wrong, the man need to sue because this was not needed in order to protect the public.

It is hard to understand why compassion has apparently been left at home for these thugs of the TSA, but what are they doing, really why do they yell and scream, scaring children and adults as well, is it harassment?

Why are they doing this?

Is this the hope and change you voted for?

Is this what you wanted, when you voted for enlightened hope and change?