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Gas prices, rise as a direct result of bad energy policies?

 If you want to understand the direct connection to the high cost of food all you have to do is to look at the high cost of Diesel Fuel.

The price of food, Gas, Supplies, even Paper products have nearly doubled and many expect to see even higher prices soon. 

Politics in the United States has a long and sometimes sordid history, in fact in the past there have been fights, duels, and even a shooting in the Congress of the United States, so it should come as no surprise that even today we still have a lot of room to grow up, but so often we see this political news that is not really news at all but the prating of a child.

cost of Gas high cost of food higher still
high gas, no food to eat, 2012, vote before its too late, anyone but obama

 The end of the news business is now apparent.

Politics, is not an easy business, in fact you might say it is a ruthless and cut throat, world, and you would be very right.

One thing is very clear, the American public is sick and tired of a biased media attempting to influence elections.

   So how can you tell if what your hearing is the truth or a lie, it may be very difficult to know for sure.

They tell so many alleged lies that it is becoming difficult to tell what planet they live on.

The main problem with the Media is that they are over paid.

If they were paid at the same rate as most people in the United States, they would quite in a days time.

There are so many reason why they do not understand the America that we live in because they are not a part of that America.