Political correctness or truth?

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It would seem to be that most people would find it a simple thing to choose between the truth or political correctness and were not talking about when your wife asks you if she looks as pretty today as she did ten years ago either.

Were talking about Bending, Folding and Mutilating of the truth. 

Sure it could be more better, (oh wait thats not correct usage of the english language) ironically that was just a few years ago the main objection of the press against the internet.

Knowing that in some future time and place they would be out of a job its easy to scoff at the internet.

However, if Journalism has eroded until there is not much left over, at least any more, then perhaps some bad punctuation or even grammar, would be a small thing.

What is even more ironic is that men and women are taking to the internet to get their news, because they know it when they hear lies.

You have seen these cop shows all the time, they are mostly dramatized, but it just happens to be based on the truth, Police hate it when you lie to them.

Even if they have lied to you…

But leaving the honesty question aside, No one likes to be lied to.

Perhaps someone in network television might like to get it right for a change but who knows for sure what they are smoking in that booth.