Police conspiracy

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This news story focuses on the moment that at least three police officers decided to attempt to conspire to charge an innocent driver with a felony hit and run charge.

Dash cams have become a serious deterrent to the abuse of power by police.

There are times when everything goes wrong with law enforcement and it is true that there are many more good officers than there are bad ones but when everything fails why is it that the police fail so terribly.

In this case another driver had a dash cam device and captured the moment a police officer kicked a car and injured himself.

The problem came when that officer and at least two other officers falsified a report stating that the officer had been injured when a motorist did not obey his direction which is a problem no doubt because officers are there to do a job and when someone refuses to obey the officer it places everyone else in danger.

See this video…

The moment the police lied about what happened.

When you look at this video you have to wonder what caused these officers to lie and say that the officer was injured by a hit and run driver?

It is clear that this police officer plus at least two other officers conspired to charge a driver with a hit and run (felony) charge.

Of course you can understand how frustrated the police officer must have been but to lie about it and then (allegedly convince two or more officers to also lie) ?

This is a real problem because for every bad officer there are likely many more good ones that would never do this.

This makes everyone look bad but what if there had been no dash cam video evidence provided by the witness?

What if that driver had not turned on his dash cam that day?

What if no video had been captured?

The man would right now be faced with a long jail sentence.

Loss of money from being in jail instead of having a job to go to he would have been fired.

His family would not have his income to pay the bills.

He would have a felony on his record, having to pay higher costs for insurance and other services which require a good credit report or finding a job with a felony on his record.

These things follow someone for many years if not forever. . .

IF there had been no credible witness or a video proving the officer injured himself instead of the lie that the police conspired to tell?

Things like this are happening too often and it is often a combination of police and district attorney incompetence.

IF there had been no evidence this man would likely be convicted of the crime and would have had to pay with his freedom and all of the money that he had now and in the future.