Plane missing story saturated

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Unless you have been living under a rock you have seen and heard all about a topic of media obsession.

In fact it looks like the media are in some kind of fugue state, call it a obsessive compulsive mentality that prevents them from reporting the real news.

The truth is no one knows in the media what happened.

They do not even know if the missing MH-370 flight went in the direction they “think” it did.

Just because someone entered a course into the nav computer, does that mean they did not re-program the flight computer after turning off the transponder?

No, they do not know anything, its all a bunch of conjecture and educated guessing.

Yet, the media continue to take up real news time with this story that is not a story at least not yet.

So, why are they so messed up in over saturating the news  with this story?

Were not sure, but it sure seems like with invasions going on in Europe, wars in Africa, Problems in Asia and more you would think that the media might have something more to talk about than a missing plane when they have no solid concrete facts to go on. 

How exactly does one report on a news story without facts?