Partisan Democrats may go to jail

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Breaking the law appears to be something that some democrats apparently have no problem with at all.

Considering the recent revelations concerning what the Media have reported that was completely not true.

Examples of Media Lies and potential litigation for treason?

Is the Media really committing Treason?

The truth may be something that is difficult to determine however it does appear that there is a line that is being crossed here and that sooner rather than later we could see some serious consequences for what is happening in the media.

Oh, you know you want to find out what comes next.

We have seen some really troubling events over the last few weeks.

The most recent example is when President Trump indicated that there is a problem with the outgoing Obama Administration that participated in what amounts to a violation of the law in several different ways.


What does the media do?

(Immediately begin to suggest that President Trump is “Paranoid”)

Then they suggest that they don’t believe him.

So what is more likely?

That an outgoing president known for doing “What ever he wanted with a Pen and a Phone” wiretapped a candidate for president during a contentious election and then later denies it?

Sound similar or familiar.

(I did not have sex with that woman?)

What, No, thats false right, of course its denied by the media and by the people who participated in the entire situation.

So, all in all recently we saw where the Media did a poll that suggested that most Americans trusted the Media over President Trump.

Is that true?

Are those the same Polls that the same Media (created) where they showed Hillary ahead by 15 to 18 points at one point during the election process?

Do you still believe what the media have to say?

No, Seriously Deep Deep down in your heart, do you really believe what the media have to say?

You have seen it over and over again over the years, the same behavior.

When they are lying they are predictable.

You can see how they behave and you know really really know what it means.