Papa Johns to Layoff employees

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In what appears to be yet another large company there are more layoffs that will certainly add to the unemployment rate with thousands and thousands of new unemployed Americans it is beginning to look like perhaps Mitt Romney was indeed right about the state of the economy.

So, if the President is really going to Get America back to work as he promised to do, then when are we going to see some real movement on the employment numbers, in a period of time where usually there are more jobs available it is very disturbing to see what looks like an increase to somewhere near the 9.2 mark, however it could well be a lot more were everyone to actually be included in the count.

Imagine theres no superbowl, no pizza or beer, imagine all the people
left out in the cold, Obama care took away the pizza, from all the delivery boys, there is no more pizza, left out in the cold, Oh oh, ohhhhh oh.

In life love and happiness there must be pizza, otherwise were just dust on the wind.