PA Election Fraud!

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Today in PA the people of America for the first time since election night were able to see and view the real news.

Americans are being lied to by the Mass Media.

Over and over again since Jan of 2020 and still today the Mass Media continue to face the lies of the media.

Finally in Pennsylvania we have True Patriots have come forward to talk about the truth.

They have real evidence of how far this election situation has become so broken and mutilated that no one could fail to observe that when looking at the Math on this election it just does not add up.

Election Fraud even while the Media deny it but that does not change the facts and the facts say that fraud happened. When you watch this video just know that this may be the first time that Many Thousands of Americans have had the opportunity to actually get the real news!

Changes in Election Law at the last minute that created a disparate advantage to one candidate over another one and the Media continue to insist that they are the ones that pick the election winner.

We must find the truth and this is not something that is impossible.

The truth about these Mail in Ballots is obvious.

There have been so many violations of the law in several states.


It is also possible that there are many more issues that have not yet been adjudicated.

It is time that the truth comes out.

It is time that the Media stop its systematic abuse of failing to report the news and the truth instead insisting that they have the only view of the election results.

In the state of PA we have real action taking place.

The real question here is Why the other states are not actively standing up and doing the right thing.

Why is the State of Georgia not standing up and doing the right thing?

Is the State of Georgia refusing to address the real problems with the election results involving Georgia Law and Mail in Ballots.

Will Criminal charges be filed in association with the failure of election officials in Georgia to follow Georgia Election Law.

We have great politicians and we have very poor politicians and we have a few politicians that are little more than crooks.

It may be time to put an end to those that would lie and be a party to liars and abusers of elections and election law.

One Person One Vote!

We have to look at the truth and not to even consider that the AP called the election?


Youtube said that the AP called the election?

That is just so wrong…

Americans must stand up for the truth!