NPR defund?

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Should NPR be De-funded of Tax Dollars, many are saying that yes, this should be done and soon because NPR appears to mostly and allegedly only represent one point of view and that is the alleged, liberal left point of view, this is scary and it could be evil, one thing we know for sure, apparently at NPR there is no first Amendment.

Is this the truth, does NPR believe that Americans should have no opinion other than the one NPR has?

What is going on when we have a communications company that is supported by the public and supported by tax dollars, what is happening when that same communications company has no regard for the first amendment.

The call is going out to stop funding what is allegedly mostly a left progressive political machine.

The idea is that they are no longer representative of what America stands for and that is freedom.

NPR allegedly is far left and its decision to fire Juan Williams is proof that allegedly they are biased.

This is a sad day for Radio, when a communications company which is by the way bound by law, and the FCC to act in a responsible manner, yet they have allegedly not done this.

Many organizations are calling for any and all public funding of this allegedly evil organization to stop right now.

It is time for America to be for Americans.

Sarah Palin calls for NPR to be de-funded.



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