No Rural Internet

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If you live in a Rural Area of Alabama or Georgia, chances are good that you cannot get broadband internet.


Century Link sold out to Lumen and Lumen Sold out to Apollo Global Investment company (NewYork)

Now Century-link has been sold to a “investment company” Apollo Global Management (New York)

The deal which you can read about here, Century Link sold out to Lumen and Lumen Sold out to Apollo Global Investment company (NewYork) This Deal Transfers 1.4 BILLION in debt to the so called Investment Company Apollo Global Management (New York)
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Here is the thing, this (Investment company) will likely and allegedly NOT be interested in investing in better higher speeds of service and I think that any reasonable person would know the reason why this is true. (1.4 BILLION in debt) does not create any confidence that they would be interested in building better services
(no matter what they might saw to the press)

This is nothing new, before Lumen there was Century link, before century link it was CenturyTel/Embark Before CenturyTel Embark there was QWest

On April 22, 2010, CenturyLink announced it would acquire Qwest in a stock transaction.

Qwest as some may remember was the famously and allegedly incompetent operator that abandoned Millions of its customers who suddenly were left with no internet service allegedly after the company filed Bankruptcy.

So, here we are yet again effectively being sold off and sold out, (allegedly) to yet another company in a long line of other companies where the bottom line remains the same.

Rural Broadband Internet which was defined as 10 MB up and 1 MB down, (officially) but is now 25 MB will not be coming to randolph or clay counties any time in the near future or perhaps ever…

we should ask the ADECA and the Governors BroadBand program why we cannot get decent Broadband services or Wireless, (Cell phone services either)

Currently there are multiple fiber optic lines running through Both Clay County and Randolph County but those High Speed services, are not allegedly available to any rural customers.

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