Senate Insanity

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Harry Reid is in charge of the Senate, yet no budget has been allowed to be passed…

Since President Obama came int0 office, the Senate has not allowed a vote for a “Real” Budget ask yourself this question why that is?

Are you afraid of Washington, Do you fear for the safety of your family?


If you feel afraid then the only thing you can do is to Vote, Vote them out, Vote them out of office, because they do not care about you are what you are going through.

They do not care, because once they get into office, they get a life time free ride, they don’t have to pay for Gas, they don’t have to pay for food.

Imagine what might happen if someone actually went to work in the Senate, what might happen? 

What if Harry Reid were not leading the most lame (allegedly) senate in the history of the Union?


Why has the senate refused to vote on so many bills coming

from the house?

Why is it that the Senate has decided to block all bills from Congress and is that the kind of leadership that you want in Washington?

Why do we have a lame duck senate?

The Senate is led By Harry Reid, who has allegedly

failed to act on most everything, a failure of leadership.

The Senate, Failed in the past to pass a budget, why is that?

Could it be that they wanted to be able to spend more money they they had to spend?

Why have we not heard this from the Biased news media?

The house, passed a repeal to the Unconstitutional Health Care Act, Harry Reid refused to bring it up for a vote.

The house passed, the oil pipe line project, that would produce jobs, increase our relations with our northern neighbors.

The cost of Oil has continued to go up and up and up,

but the Senate does nothing to help America…