NFL Players more concerned

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So now we have NFL Players who are dead set on protesting and insulting an entire nation because of the actions of just a few people…

It is not fair that bad things happen to some people.

I have known a fair few people who were victims.

Crime and Punishment are not always fair.

What we see here though is a situation where these wealthy Millionaire Players are protesting and want to force the entire world to view their protest against an entire nation when only a few people are to blame for their protest?

This is like protesting the plight of thousands of apples because one or two apples are bad…

The Flag stands for Freedom…

It is the symbol of this nation.

IT is not part of what these players are protesting…

Yet, they choose to do this and what is even more comical is the fact that ATT is still offering Free NFL Sunday Ticket…   LOL..  They cant even give it away.


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