Newt Gingrich cannot win

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Why Newt may be the smartest guy in the room that cannot be president?Well I know it sounds bad but it is true that since the early 1970s most presidents have been tall, attractive and can make a good presentation on TV, that is just the way it is, are we bad for saying that? Well no, but it is a fact, short slightly padded people, (me included) will likely never be elected to an office simply because we may not look like a movie start on TV

Is it true that Newt Gingrich cannot actually win the republican nomination?

That may well be the truth, but it is not for the reasons that you might think.

This candidate is a good choice because he had a good head for administration tasks however on the down side
is that he has some issues (allegedly) concerning when to allow others to make decisions and when to take advice.

I think he would make a great vice president, but not a president.