New York grand jury

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Protesters have been protesting the facts but they do not have the truth.

What they have is what the media have published.

That is not the truth.

You see there is a serious problem with the justice system in this nation and it is the propensity to over charge alleged crime.

We have seen this many times over the last few years.

Hundreds of times actually, what they are doing is to charge a crime at the maximum, if someone is remotely involved in a crime where someone dies, they are charged with first degree murder and they ask for the maximum, a death sentence.

The problem with this strategy is that it no longer works.

You see what they should be doing is when they have these cases where they have little or no direct evidence of a definite criminal act that is “beyond a reasonable doubt” then they need to charge the crime accordingly.

Take the Caylee Anthony case, that should have been involuntary manslaughter.

If they had charged the crime effectively that girl would still be in jail now…

Same thing goes for the Ferguson case as well as the New york case.

If they had charged the crimes in a reasonable manner then the grand jury would have had no problem indicting them based on a reasonable certainty that should the party have been innocent they would prevail in a court of law.

This is the problem we have with our justice system and it should be fixed.

When there is a lack of direct evidence that demonstrates clear intent to take a life then they need to make adjustments.

All of these situations could have been different.

But because of incompetence in the justice system an injustice may have been allowed to occur.

It is not always clear cut, but when you look at what the charges are it does affect the outcome.