New Democratic Strategy

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Now we see the truth…

Democrats will do anything to achieve their goals.

All they need to do from now on is to find a confused female who was so drunk that she cannot remember when the event took place or where it was or even what year it might have been. . .

That is all they need now to get rid of anyone that they do not like.

We see the truth but will Congress see it?

Will Congress decide that this is their chance to get rid of a President that they cannot control?

Will Congress betray the entire world and every man that has ever fought for freedom?

That is what is at risk here. 

The final disposition of America…

Because what we are witnessing here is the idea that the accused must prove that he or she did not do something rather than the truth …

Memory is a difficult thing and it can be used in a way that is so wrong to every decent person on this planet.

You can take ten people show them all a 2 minute video and you will have ten different recollections of the content displayed during those two minutes.

In high school people remember things differently.

We tend to remember everything differently not because of the truth but because of how we remember the things we believe are most important.

What is more likely?

That democrats were not able to defeat a good man or

That a confessed alcoholic and deviant suddenly can accuse

a man so that democrats can attempt to stop a revival of

the constitution and freedom of Americans everywhere?

That is the real question here before us all.

Do we believe that now no evidence is required in order to ruin a man’s life?

If that is true then as a nation we are doomed to failure. . .