National Geographic yellow Journlism?

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Join others in deciding not to support Yellow Journalism, it is not only wrong but it is a Lie,

Character assassination, will anyone stand up and defend Ben Franklin From the evil yellow cowards that have moved to malign a man that gave more to this nation than many will even have the opportunity to do in a life time.

Cowards and liars are not writers they are skunks that hide behind words.

In a news story that seems to just be beyond the pail as some would say it is apparent that in some circles lies and suggestions make up good history, perversion of history is more like it,

Ben Franklin Secretly a Pirate?

You know what this I would expect to see on the cover of the National Enquirer,
(a respectable publication compared to national Geographic, (allegedly)

However, to see an article by By Patrick J. Kiger

Who makes some rather wild statements that tend to defy the readers imagination, in fact the term yellow journalism comes to mind quickly when reading this very allegedly prejudicial piece of yellow journalism.

The Author, (if you can call this fellow that) goes on to talk about ten things, that sound realy terrible all aimed at depicting one of the most well respected men in American History in a dim light.

It is an Amazing thing to read the thoughts of an alleged twisted mind, but I thought it was important to understand what this fellow thought he was doing sadly the diatribe was such a embarrassment that I am truly horrified that any respectable publication would print it at all.

The author tries to twist the facts of history to fit in with the idea that Ben Franklin was somehow a less than admirable man starting off with the most horrible of truths, that Franklin himself said that he was terrible at arithmetic.

Really, that is you best shot, my friends, I am horrified at this evil practice of
to smear a man who dedicated his life and his fortune to help those who were less fortunate than himself, a man who was a great inventor and statesman.

Later the article goes on to suggest that Franklin lived in Adultery and lived with a woman out of wedlock, having children, out of wedlock, frankly this is appalling and it will not stand.

Boycotts should begin against any company advertising on this show which is scheduled to air tonight in some markets.

Perversion of history is not tolerated and liars and villains will not be justified.