Mothers day Massacre

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Yesterday a horrible thing happened, the media did not get what they wanted…

Caution this news story will make you sick…

Yesterday there was almost a horrible situation that took place, a tragedy this time it could have been a real tragedy.

The Media wanted a news story where they could point to a specific thing to push an anti Gun Bill through congress.

They were waiting for news about a report of shots fired during a mothers day parade in of all places New Orleans.

   The media wanted the worst possible situation for their push to take guns away from the good guys so that only bad guys will have them.

They wanted to be able to stand up and say Seee, See, how bad this is getting.


But they were going to be disjointed.

They were going to be disappointed.

They wanted to say See, this is why we need to take all guns away…

But the story did not develop in the way they wanted.

 When we have a news media that look for certain news stories to support an agenda that is anti American we need to do something what should you do, simple stop buying products from these news organizations, stop supporting any company that advertises on these shows where they are anti American and do not care about the constitution.