Mel Gibson Persecuted?

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When you think about how the Media tries to blackball someone, you have to wonder what they are thinking.

When every day somewhere in the world someone is doing 100 times worse than Mel Gibson ever did.

It is a sickening thing because the Media are corrupt and they are bought and paid for at every available moment.

Here is one such media outlet that is guilty.


Mel Gibson has a defender in Allison Hope Weiner, writing for Weiner says it’s time to forgive and forget Gibson’s anti-Semitic, alcoholic, homophobic history.

Weiner conveniently leaves out the issue that first brought the real Gibson to our attention.This was before “The Passion of the Christ,” or his DUI arrest or his interview with Diane Sawyer. This is separate from the fact that Gibson has never publicly apologized for anything.

You see most of us do not care at all, we do not care about how hurt some multi millionaire, may be over something that happened a long time ago and was not really even news to begin with yet, Mel Gibson was punished as part of the way that the Media operate, call them drive by media because that is what they are.

The media is a corrupt institution that is quickly loosing its viewership mostly because of the old moss back hippies that run the place.