Media try’s to spin debate

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As you might expect the Media are in damage mode.

They are seeking anything they can to make the debate look better than it was for Kaine.

The problem is that people saw what happened and they could clearly understand what this debate was all about.

They can perform a post mortem Analysis trying to figure out how they can make Kaine look better they can even lie but the truth is still quite evident.

One of the things that I see as being very very interesting here is that Pence did so well and completely destroyed Kaine at every turn and the best moments of the debate have not even been seen on the news.

They pick a few highlights, but the best ones were seen only by those that actually watched the debate.

Well, guess what folks that is what the internet is for.

This is why so many people are turning away from the dishonest and disgusting media bias and looking to the internet to see different viewpoints and different voices.

If you want to see what the media do not want you to see about the debate then you can only see that on the internet.

IT is the one thing that so far big time media fat cat producers cannot control.

more coming…

just do a search on youtube and you will see just how corrupted the search results are.

One thing is certain the debate is now history and you will not see it covered on the media circus.

If you did not have time to watch the debate stay tuned were going to show you what the media do not want you to see.

That is going to be a lot of fun.