Media Stupidity.

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You might wonder why the Media are so ignorant of the truth!

I sure do and I know that I am not alone!

We know that people lie and they cheat and they commit all manner of crime!

They do some of the most horrible things you can imagine!

Yes that includes Murder, theft, arson, dealing drugs, even things that its not polite to discuss in society…
Guess what all of those things have been done by people in authority.

People who were working for the USPS!
People in public office!
People in the Media!
People in Government!
People running elections!

But the Media want you to believe that its impossible for someone to even be capable of committing a crime during an election!
Oh its impossible your just crazy! Oh its impossible because we the Media say its impossible! Oh its ridiculous because your a racist!
Funny how the Media start calling you names as soon as their very weak arguments fail to convince the public!
Oh one thing you people in the Media should understand..

People that do these type of things!

They also get Caught!

They always think that they will never get caught and sometimes that might be somewhat true however those people right now in the Media working hard to cover up a massive crime will be held accountable eventually and when the public holds the media accountable no amount of lies and psychological blather will help the evil hearts of those that have participated in this event!

Media Talking Points about the obvious election tampering and fraud!

  1. Your Crazy! The Media just say your crazy been doing it for 50 years and they think that is all they have to do…
  2. Denial The media just deny the truth even when there is video evidence and mounted testimony by those who were in the same room as where the criminal actions were taking place!

    The media just deny that its true!
  3. Your Crazy! Yes, the media are very limited in their intelligence and so they go right back to calling you names!
  4. Search engine manipulation. Now they are attempting to just erase the truth by using sophisticated computers that erase anything that would tend to support the truth!

    I know right but that brings us to the most important thing here Nothing that the Media tell you is true!

    They are so messed up in their small minds that they cannot conceive that anyone can see right through all the lies that they tell you every day and so they sit up on TV and they think that they have won!

    Wrong WE know the truth!

    WE are no where near as lacking in intellect and apparently you are. So keep on denying the truth and keep on trying to say it didn’t happen and that it never happens because the people that run the elections are not capable of error or intentional crimes against the people of the united states of America.

    Because I would like to remind you that Prisons are Full of people that would never do terrible things!

    Hopefully some day soon they will house members of the Media that are actively participating in this farce and justice will prevail.

    You believe that you will never get caught!

    What you do not realize is that you already have been caught!

    There is a line where you can get away with some mild issues in elections, but that line has been crossed and this time there will be a price to pay for the perfidy that you pretentious pedantic floozies will find hard to digest.