Media Struggle with talking points

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The Media are struggling and mighty is the dust it its demise.

The news that came out this weekend is so disturbing to liberals and the democrat party that the media seem to have begun to scratch and itch with abandon.


They seem like (no offense to junkies)

Like Junkies with this ideology of attacks against Trump and furthering this foolish idea that the Justice branch of the Government is in fact a separate body of the government.

They will do anything and everything at this point because they are in fact stuck.

They have been caught…


The media are caught and they cannot do anything but itch and scratch just like a junkie, just like someone that has no control over their own minds, we have a serious problem in america and it is called corruption.


We have an issue that keeps moving and it keeps on getting worse for the democrats who for some reason always refer to some idea that America is a democracy.

They say this is an insult to our democracy.

Guess what, Were not a Democracy…

Were a republic. 

What are you kidding me, no not at all were telling you that America is simply not a democracy.

But wait how can that be we hear it all the time from the Media and from all these talking heads on the media about democracy.

What is going on here.

Well again its something that demon crats, like to conveniently forget about from time to time because its not what they wish that america was.




  1. a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.

We are the People.